Thursday, April 30, 2009

Fixing stage complete?...

I received an email last night telling me that the fixing stage is now complete! I haven't seen the inside of the house since the bricking started so I'm going to book an appointment with the SS to do a walkthrough ASAP.

If fixing is complete that means that construction is finished and the following should be done:

  • the plaster, cornices and architraves have been installed (I did drop by last night but all I could see was the plaster and cornices in the garage and office - the car's headlights wouldn't show me anything else.);
  • bathroom vanities;
  • kitchen cabinets and benches
  • doors hung.

All of this in only 2 months! I need to go in and take photos!!! I'm off to make that phone call now......

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Plastering has started!!!

We had our tile selection appointment on Friday. I did take photos of our selection but I haven't downloaded them yet. We're both happy with what we chose and we came in under budget so that's a win on both accounts! I'd try to explain but I don't think I'd do it justice so you will have to wait for the photos.... Hopefully later today.

And when we stopped by on Friday the plasterers were busy putting up the plaster.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Our house number...

I've just found out that our house number is 35...

Not very exciting for most, but up until now I've known our address as lot# and had no idea of the number. Actually that's not totally true, I did look it up on the lands website and that's the number I got, but I wasn't too sure as they had the street name as something completely different.

Last night on the way home from work I had a bit of a prowl around with my torch (because the end of daylight savings means no light by the time I get there). I discovered:
  • insulation bats have been installed into the walls;
  • electrical rough-in has been done;
  • some plumbing work has been done;
  • the plasterboard has arrived!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Not much to tell...

I haven't been out to the house for almost a week and whilst I'm itching to see what's happening, I'm not sure that there's much to see. Now that all the work that's happening is on the inside, we can't see what's going on until our next site meeting with the SS.

We had an independent inspection done last Wednesday and it seems money well spent and I haven't even seen the report. The SS really tried to talk us out of getting it done which only made us more determined.

Bryan had a meeting onsite with the SS last Thursday and said that the electrician was there doing some electrical work - the rough in. The bath had been installed and the shower bases were going in. Apparently the plasterer is due to start on Thursday...

Oh and Bryan mentioned that site had been cleaned on Thursday - the piles of rubble had been removed and rubbish cage had been emptied. Unfortunately all the left over bricks that we were hoping to keep were also removed - much to our discust!

I'll post again when I have more to update.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Locked up...


It seems that "lock up" refers to the fact that the house now has all doors and windows installed with the potential to lock up. Apparently it doesn't actually mean you need to lock them... (is that a tad cynical?...)

I got a text message today telling me that our house is now at lock up stage. When I dropped in tonight on mey way home from work I did discover that the temporary front door is on but the temp fencing was wide open with several panels laying on the neighbours block and the laundry door open. I'd have taken pictures but now that daylight savings is over, it's too dark by the time I get there to take photo's. It won't matter now as the outside won't really change much and we're not allowed on-site without the SS.

Oh and we have another broken window!! The front bedroom window has two gaping holes - about brick size - one in each panel. I really do hope that this is not indicative of what we have to look forward to when we're living there?...

We expect the next invoice to arrive any day now. Yay!!!!!!!!

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Roof and bricks almost done!

The brickies were hard at work when we went to check on the house on Saturday afternoon. Apparently they would have finished on Friday but the rain foiled their plans. When we rocked up they only had the section above the main bedroom window (left front window) and the doorstep and window sills to go. They would have finished shortly after we left.

The roof tiles are mostly finished with only the ridge sections (capping?) to go and then a few tiles where the safety barrier is sitting.

Here are the last of the bricks going on.


We spied something else that was new.. the bath has been delivered


Friday, April 3, 2009

Buzzing with activity...

We dropped by our house yesterday and it was a hive of activity!!

The roof tiles (which were delivered on Wednesday) were going on and the brickies were powering along with less that 2 half walls to go.

Our SS says that he's booked the plaster for the end of next week so we should be at lock up about a week after Easter.



Main bedroom at the front of the house



The nifty escalator thingamy that they use to get the tiles up onto the roof...

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Roof tiles have arrived...

On my visit yesterday evening I discovered that the roof tiles have been delivered and the roof safety barrier (I hope you can work out what I mean) has been installed!

The brickies have finished the garage and the left side of the house (looking from the front). They've done the bottom section of the right hand side of the house and the back, and they've started on the upper section of the back of the house. They've also made a start on the front and are up to the right side of the front porch. We're getting there!

We have a meeting with the site supervisor and building CSO this afternoon so that we can meet them. This meeting usually happens before construction starts, but as our house was started very quickly after settlement we are doing it now instead.

OK so what you really want is photos, so here they are (taken on my phone at 7pm so the light was not kind to me)...

Back wall (oops - a bit blurry)

Looking in through the laundry door

Looking down the righ hand wall from the back yard

This section (living room, kitchen, lounge and garage wall) is complete

This is the front of the house so far

And lastly... our tiles