Sunday, February 14, 2010

A better use for a kitchen bench...


This weekend I discovered that our kitchen bench makes a great cutting bench for my sewing and art work!!

Felting - laying out the fibres
Last weekend the same bench was turned into a felting worktable...

Being an island bench means I can work from all sides and it's the perfect height for cutting. The tile surrounds mean that clean up of threads, interfacing and even soapy felting mess, is easy!

Of course I do enjoy cooking at my kitchen bench as well like the Mexican spread of Fajita's, Nachos, guacomole and salad of last night, or the Italian cooking class that I gave my family as a Christmas gift...


...anyway that you look at it, this kitchen is destined for great things!!


  1. What a great idea for a present, the cooking class looks like fun!!

  2. It was so much fun!! and best of all, our teacher took away all of the dishes (except the ones we ate from) and cleaned the kitchen before she left!!

  3. .... and even better, it tasted awesome AND, no one had to be designated driver! Super present.

  4. What a wonderful discovery! It would be my downfall though - I'd never have it cleaned of for cooking!