Monday, February 8, 2010

It glows...

Our house - lit up by the setting sun

This is our house yesterday as the sun was setting... I really love how the bricks light up in the late afternoon sun!!

I wasn't too excited about the limited range of bricks that we had to choose from (limited in that we had decided not to upgrade on bricks). All of the bricks that I really liked were from category 5 and 6 and I didn't dare ask what it would cost to upgrade... In the end it came down to two choices, both were reddish, and we made an 'on-the-spot' decision to go with the Red-Gum (from Austral). I liked the choice well enough, but didn't expect them to look as good as they do.

I can't wait for the garden to grow a bit more to hide the great big windows though... (I have been wondering if getting them tinted might make them look better.)

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